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Troubleshooting Access to E-Resources: PubMed

Options for reading articles from PubMed

There are three main options for reading articles you find in PubMed. Read the details below.

1. Find full text from a PubMed ID

Find a full journal article by DOI (digital object identifier) or PMID (PubMed ID).

Locate an article's PMID:

PMID location

Use the PMID in the search box above:

search box with PMID

Find the full-text download from SU:

PMID search result

2. Find full text with LibKey Nomad

Now you can easily access full-text articles while searching PubMed. Simply install the LibKey Nomad extension for Chrome, Firefox, or your preferred browser. Then choose Shenandoah University from the list of organizations.

After installation, you'll see this sign when you're searching PubMed and other sites:

LibKey Nomad plugin indicates content provided by Shenandoah University Libraries

The plugin will display links to open access content and options provided by the library. When you click to access subscription content from off-campus, you will be prompted to log in with your SU network account as usual.

Download PDF button Article Link button

If the article isn't available from SU, you will have an option to request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Request Item through Interlibrary Loan button

For a quick overview of how the tool works, watch the video below.

3. Set up SU links with a My NCBI account

To create your NCBI account, you will be asked to log in using a 3rd-party option. Many users may find it convenient to sign in with their Google, Facebook, or Microsoft accounts.

NOTE: Be sure to make note of whichever option you choose. You'll need to sign in the same way in order to access any information saved in your account later on.

Setting Up SU Links

1. Sign in to your My NCBI account and select the Dashboard from the account menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

2. At the top right of the Dashboard, select NCBI Site Preferences.

3. Under PubMed Preferences, click Outside Tool. 

4. Select the checkbox next to "Shenandoah Find It!" on the list of available tools.

After setup is complete, links to Shenandoah University resources will appear on articles' detailed description pages.

SU appears under Full Text Links

For content not available through SU Libraries, the link will take you to a screen where you can submit an interlibrary loan request.