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Troubleshooting Access to E-Resources: Ebooks

What you need to know about using SU's eBooks

Academic Ebooks

Using ebooks at an academic library is different than personal ebooks or ebooks you check out from a public library.  They are accessible from several different websites (platforms) and what a user is allowed to do with an ebook depends on the host platform's functionality and restrictions imposed by the publisher.


  • Worldcat Discovery is the best place to start searching for an eBook.
  • Read the ebook in your browser.
  • Download chapters rather than checking it out by downloading the whole thing
  • Most ebooks have restrictions on the number of users who can use them simultaneously, so close your browser tab when you're ready to end your session. (This releases the ebook so that someone else can read it).


If the text does not load in your window, you may need to perform browser updates, disable pop-up blockers, or try using a different browser. If you continue to have problems loading the page, please contact us using the library's Ask Us service.

Downloading Full Ebooks

Only download the entire ebook when you will need the book during times of no internet connection. To do so, you will need to make a personal account with the ebook provider and you will need to have, or create, an Adobe account. When you do a full book 'check out,' make sure you log into your personal account when you try to access the book on a different device.

Ebooks Guide

Visit the library's Ebooks guide for more information about our various collections.