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PubMed and Full Text: My NCBI

Advantages for Advanced PubMed Searching

Experienced researchers may wish to register for a "My NCBI" account, which allows you to:

  • add links to SU Libraries resources to PubMed;
  • create collections of related articles;
  • save searches and receive notifications about new matching publications;
  • set display and filtering preferences;
  • (for authors) create and share a bibliography of your publications.

Creating an Account

To create your NCBI account, you will be asked to log in using a 3rd-party option. Many users may find it convenient to sign in with their Google, Facebook, or Microsoft accounts.

NOTE: Be sure to make note of whichever option you choose. You'll need to sign in the same way in order to access any information saved in your account later on.

Setting Up SU Links

1. Sign in to your My NCBI account and select the Dashboard from the account menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

2. At the top right of the Dashboard, select NCBI Site Preferences.

3. Under PubMed Preferences, click Outside Tool. 

4. Select the checkbox next to "Shenandoah Find It!" on the list of available tools.

After setup is complete, links to Shenandoah University resources will appear on articles' detailed description pages.

SU appears under Full Text Links

For content not available through SU Libraries, the link will take you to a screen where you can submit an interlibrary loan request.

More Information

For detailed information about My NCBI, including My Bibliography, consult My NCBI Help. For a brief overview of the account dashboard, view the video below.