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PubMed and Full Text: Saving Articles

How to Save Articles

What should you do when you find an article in PubMed that you would like to save? Your librarian recommends copying two key pieces of information into a Google Doc -- or whatever you use to keep notes about your research.

1. When viewing some search results in PubMed, click on the title of an article to go to its detailed description page.

2. On the article's description page, find the Cite button on the right side of the screen.

                PubMed Cite button screenshot

Choose the citation style you need and then click Copy. Paste the citation into your document 

                PubMed citation example

3. Below the Cite button, find the Share options and click the icon that resembles a chain.

                PubMed Share icons

This is the permalink you can use to reach this page again later. Copy the link and paste it into your document.

                PubMed permalink example

If you like, download a copy of the full-text PDF, too.