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Faculty Information: Teaching with Library Materials

For Your Classes

In your Canvas course navigation menu, you’ll find a link labeled Library Resources.

Library Resources link in Canvas

By default, clicking on that link opens the SU Libraries homepage within your Canvas course. If a matching research guide for your subject has been identified, that page will open instead. To request a guide for your specific subject or course, contact Aimee Gee (

Why Link Instead of Sharing Files?

When you want to share digital resources from the library's collections, here are three reasons to consider linking rather than copying and uploading files:

  • Avoid violating licensing and copyright restrictions.
  • Help students become familiar with library resources.
  • Help the library track which resources are in demand.

If you need help finding or formulating links, please contact the library. We're happy to help!

Library materials may be placed on reserve at the Circulation Desk in the Smith Library.

Submitting Requests

Please submit a Faculty Course Reserve Request Form to add your items to the course reserves collection. Reserve lists should be submitted to the Library at least five working days before the beginning of each term to enable staff to collect and process reserves. Items may be dropped off at Smith Library. For questions regarding Course Reserves, please contact Christine Forbes.

Course Reserve Options

There are several types of reserves:

  • Closed – for 3 hour use within the library only;
  • 24-Hour – may be checked out any time during library hours and must be returned within 24 hours;
  • 3-Day – may be checked out any time during library hours and must be returned within three days;
  • 7-Day – may be checked out any time during library hours and must be returned with seven days.


Federal copyright law places several limits on library reserve collections. One of the most important is the requirement that a faculty member obtain permission from the copyright holder for copied items to placed on reserve for longer than one semester. This provision applies even if the Library or the professor owns the item which is duplicated. For more information, contact Andy Kulp.

Library Collection Development

Collection development is a joint responsibility of the professional library faculty and the teaching faculty, with input from students, staff and administration.

The library allocates collection funds to existing departmental and program areas and usually provides additional funding to develop collections in support of new programs. Digital content in ebooks, journals and other electronic media is preferred over physical formats in most cases.


Requests may be submitted using the form below. Requesting faculty members will be notified when orders are placed, when materials are available to use, and when materials are unavailable for purchase. Please contact Jackie DeLong, Resources Librarian, with questions.