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Printing, Scanning and Faxing: Printing

Printing is available on the first floor of Smith Library. See Printing on Campus for additional information about printing at SU.

Printing for Students

All students have WEPA accounts. You can log in to any WEPA kiosk with your SU email address & network password.

How to Load WEPA Driver

Students can load the WEPA driver to their MacBooks:

  • On your MacBook go to Self Service Icon.
  • Click on printers on the right side of the screen.
  • Load the WEPA student printer.

Purchasing Your Prints

Black and white pages cost $0.10/ page. Color pages cost $0.45/page.

You can add money to pay for your prints a variety of ways:

  1. Add money to your account with a credit card at any kiosk or at (CHEAPER).
  2. Use credit or debit card directly to purchase prints at kiosk (MORE EXPENSIVE).


We are happy to assist you with your printing needs! You can also get help at WEPA support. 

Printing for Community Users

For those who do not have SU credentials, you are still able to print using a WEPA kiosk. 

You can proceed a variety of ways.

  1. Email your document to print to
  2. Insert a USB drive into a WEPA kiosk.
  3. Use the WEPA Print App designed for your device. 

Wēpa Print App

Wēpa print awayOpen and print Word and PDF documents from your iPhone, iPad or Android device to any of the WEPA print kiosks on campus.

1. Install and open the Wēpa Print Mobile app (iOS or Android).

2. Add files from your device or from your cloud storage to your Wēpa account. (Your login is your SU email address and your campus network password.)