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Organizational Leadership & Management: RST-798

Brainstorm Search Terms

Make a list of related terms for your topic, helplessness in learning statistics. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Statistics anxiety, mathematics anxiety, fixed mindset, helpless behavior, affect
  • Mathematics education (teaching and learning)
  • Key instruments: Statistical Anxiety Scale (SAS), Statistics Anxiety Inventory (SAI), statistics/statistical anxiety rating scale (STARS) - others?
  • Educational level (higher education, college students, university students)
  • Potential interventions and outcomes (study habits, teaching methods, metacognition, resilience)

Document Your Searches

Additional Search Tips

APA Psycinfo and other EBSCO databases

  • In addition to keyword searching, try the Tests & Measures field on APA Psycinfo's Advanced Search page.

  • In any EBSCO database, use “Choose Databases” to include additional EBSCO databases in your search.

Use Google Scholar to Discover Newer and Related Papers

  • Make a list of any highly relevant older papers
  • Use Google Scholar to find newer articles for each one (check off list as you go)

Using Zotero

Recommended Databases & Collections to Search

Multidisciplinary Databases

Journal Collections