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Shenandoah University

Ebooks: Other Ebooks

Information to help access SU Library's largest book collection.

Access Medicine, Pharmacy, & Physiotherapy

Access products from McGraw-Hill Medical provide access to major e-book titles, images, quick reference tools, multimedia, case files, and study tools.  When using a mobile device, Access Products adapt to the device and browser being used.  




F.A. Davis PT Collection

Viewing Requirements

  • No special viewing requirements.
  • May browse books, search for book chapters or search within books for terms.
  • There is an app available for AccessMedicine.

Downloading Options

  • There is no downloading feature in this collection.
  • Create a free MyAccess Profile to bookmark content in your account for later access.
  • Email and print options do not require logging in.

Exporting Citations

Click into a chapter of the resource, choose Get citation under the title of the chapter to either copy provided citation or send to reference manager.

R2 Digital Library

R2 Digital Library provides integrated and searchable medical, nursing and allied health e-book content. 

The R2 Digital Library offers thousands of health science eBooks from leading publishers. This is a different kind of ebook collection: we have free, no charge access to each title up to three uses, after which we we pay to purchase continued access. Titles are not automatically purchased.


Please note: This resource has a limited number of simultaneous users. Try again later if unable to access.

Viewing Requirements

  • No special viewing requirements.
  • Choose the Browse option to browse books by discipline or search keywords in the Search option. 
  • Within the individual book may choose the Browse/Search this title option to navigate.

Downloading Options

  • There is no downloading feature in this collection but full text is available.
  • Use the Tools option to print, email or export citations to reference manager.

Exporting Citations

  • Choose Send to citation manager to export citations.

ACLS Humanities Ebook Collection

ACLS Humanities Ebook

This electronic resource includes approximately 2800 full-text books in the humanities selected by scholars for their continuing importance for research and teaching.

  • ACLS ebooks can be read instantly within any Internet browser. 
  • You can also download ACLS book chapters as pdf files, so you can access them on any device with a pdf reader.
  • Browse by title, author, or subject. Search gives many limiter options, including the ability to search within full text. Click on a book's title to proceed.

Credo Reference

Credo Reference is a digital reference library containing all types of reference books: dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, and books of quotations, not to mention a host of subject-specific titles covering everything from the arts to accountancy and law to literature.

  • Credo ebooks can be read instantly within any Internet browser. 
  • You can also download Credo book chapters as pdf files, so you can access them on any device with a pdf reader.

DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books)

DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books)

This resource provides access to 3,217 academic peer-reviewed books from 108 publishers.

Visit the site's FAQ to determine how to access and download their collection.