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Applied Behavior Analysis: Journals

Key ABA Journals

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) is searchable through the SU library catalog (WCD), GoogleScholar, PubMedand Browzine. You might have to go to all 4 sources to find the JABA articles you need.

Below is a list of even more journals you'll find in the SU collections.

Autism Research
                                                                                                                           Browzine is the best place to start.

Autism Research and Treatment

Behavior Analysis Digest                                      
Behavior Analysis in Practice

Behavior Analys

Behavior Modification
Behavioral and Brain Functions

Behavioral Interventions                         

Education & Training in Autism & Developmental Disabilities
Education and Treatment of Children
International Journal of Disability, Development & Education
Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions

Journal of Speech and Language Pathology – Applied Behavior Analysis
Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior

Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Using WCD and Journals A-Z to Locate SU Journals

To find the Journal of Research on Adolescence (or any single journal) using WCD, enter the journal title into the Title box in AdvancedSearch and search.

To find a single journal in the A-Z list, go to the Journals A-Z list.  Enter the journal title, and search.