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Town Hall Research Guide: Organizations

About these organizations

The organizations on this page focus on many different issues, populations, and interest groups, and often overlap. 

Organizations: Nonprofit, Government, International

These are links to organizations' websites. No two organizations are the same. Explore or search a site to find the information you need. Look for terms like: About Us, What We Do, Our Programs, Where We Work, Our Services, etc. 

Note: Some of these links contain disturbing, candid descriptions or depictions of the the problems they address. 

Alcohol & Drug Addiction


Climate Change


Drug Control & Regulation

Gun Control


Health Care




LGBTQ+ Issues


Mental Health



Racial Inequality


Human Trafficking



Organization databases and indexes

Search smarter with Google Advanced Search

Tell Google what you're really looking for. Go beyond keywords by using Advanced Search.

For more authoritative websites, select .gov, .org, or .edu in the domain field. Websites on these domains are generally not trying to sell you anything, and often provide better information.