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CLEP Testing Information: CLEP Information

CLEP ( College-Level Examination Program) Information

CLEP exams are no longer being offered at Smith Library. Those wishing to take a CLEP exam should reach out to Academic Advising, Transitions and Progression at or 540-545-7323.

Remote Proctoring Option

If your advisor still thinks taking a CLEP test is your best option. You can take a test at home!

CLEP now offers test takers the option to take a CLEP exam at home with remote proctoring. All 34 CLEP exams can be taken at home with remote proctoring. Click here to learn more.

  • Each CLEP exam taken at home has the same timing, content, format, and on-screen experience as the test you would take at a CLEP test center. Your at-home appointment will be monitored by a human proctor online through Proctortrack, CLEP’s remote proctoring partner.
  • To take a CLEP exam at home, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Go to the Register for CLEP Exams page to find the exam you’d like to take.