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Turabian (Electronic Sources)

from Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed.


References should be single-spaced, with double space between each item. One space follows the terminal punctuation of a sentence.


Book - Single Author

Kurland, Phillip B. The Founders' Constitution. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987. http://press-pubs.


Book - Multiple Authors

Samora, Julian, and Patricia Vandel Simon. A History of the Mexican-American People. Rev. ed. East Lansing, MI: Julian

     Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University, 2000.



Journal Article

Hlatky, Mark A. Derek Boothroyd, Eric Vittinghoff, Penny Sharp, and Mary A. Whooley. "Quality-of-Life and Depressive

     Symptoms in Postmenopausal Women after Receiving Hormone Therapy: Results from the Heart and Estrogen/

     Progestin Replacement Study (HERS) Trial." Journal of the American Medical Association 287, no. 5 (February

     6, 2002): 8-15.


Journal Article with doi

Zhu, L., and M.B. Kirkham. "Initial Crop Growth in Soil Collected from a Closed Animal Waste Lagoon." Bioresource

     Technology 87, no. 1 (2003). 7-13. doi:10.1016/5090-8524(02)00221-3


Magazine Article

Faris, Stephan. "Freedom.", December 16, 2005.



Newspaper Article

Taylor, Monty. "Police Examine Cellphone in Stabbing Investigation." Winchester Star, April 1, 2011. http://


Encyclopedia Article

Dobbins, Bill. "Corea, Chick." In The New Grove Dictionary of American Music, edited by H. Wiley Hitchcock and Stanley

     Sadie. London: Macmillan, 1986.


Web Site

Evanston Public Library Board of Trustees. "Evanston Public Library Strategic Plan, 2000-2010: A Decade of

     Outreach."  Evanston Public Library.


Government Document

U.S. Department of Justice. Bureau of Justice Statistics. Analysis of Crime Patterns 1990-2000 by Shirley Marimer.

     Washington, DC: GPO, 2002.