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Literature: Books and eBooks

Finding print books by their call numbers

EGSC Library: Understanding Library of Congress Call Numbers

eBook Help

If you're unfamiliar with ebooks, now's the time to learn to love them. You can access hundreds of thousands of SU ebooks on your favorite screen.

You will need:

Macbook: Adobe Digital Editions (free)

iPad: Bluefire Reader app (free)

Lost, confused, or defeated? Ask a librarian for help.

Finding Books, Scores, Recordings

Search for books and ebooks in WCD by topic, title, or author. Use the options on the left side of the screen to narrow your search.

Ask for help if you can't find what you need, or follow these instructions: WCD research guide 


Submit interlibrary loan requests to borrow materials that SU library does not have in the collections.

eBook Collections