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Research Basics: Books and eBooks

The nuts and bolts of college-level research, with links, tips, and explanations.

Introducing WorldCat Discovery (WCD)

The SU Library recently launched WorldCat Discovery (WCD), a tool that allows you to search for multiple resources, in many formats, located in the SU Library and in libraries worldwide.

  • If you're new to WCD, start with Simple Search (box shown above) and type in a 1-2 keywords. 
  • Explore the Advanced Search page, which allows you to select among several databases, SU library collections, libraries worldwide, and more.



E-book collections

SU library provides access to several eBook (electronic book) collections.  Many of these books can be downloaded and kept for several days or a few weeks.‚Äč

eBook Help

You can access hundreds of thousands of SU ebooks on your favorite screen. You will need:

Macbook: Adobe Digital Editions (free)

iPad: Bluefire Reader app (free)

Lost, confused, or defeated? Use these instructions:

Checking Out and Downloading EBSCO eBooks - eBook Clinical Collection, EBSCO ebook Academic

Downloading Proquest eBooks - eBook Central