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Business: Citing & Evaluating Sources

APA Formatting and Evaluation of Information

Citing Information

APA Formatting and Style Guide - courtesy Purdue University - Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Annotated Bibliographies - defines the various types of annotations and provides examples of each.  Courtesy of the University of Wisconsin, Madison

Writing Guidelines for Engineering and Science Students - courtesy of Penn State

Citation Fox - Browse to find citation examples for difficult-to-find cite sources. Select APA or MLA.

Citing Electronic Resources - Select APA, MLA or Chicago.



Avoiding Plagiarism

Best practices to avoid plagiarism:

  • Make direct quotations obvious with quotation marks or indentations
  • Paraphrase by changing the language of the source idea as much as possible
  • When in doubt: cite your source
  • In your notes and working drafts, label ideas that aren't your own
  • Save citations as you research, so you won't need to find them again

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