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Music: Journals

Using Browzine to Locate SU Journals

Browzine is the best place to search
for SU journals by title and subject

Here are a few journals you'll find in Browzine   

Asian Music

Early Music

Eighteenth Century Music

Journal of Musicological Research

Latin American Music Review

Music and Letters

Popular Music History

Women and Music

Using WCD and Journals A-Z to Locate SU Journals

To find the Journal of Research on Adolescence (or any 
other single journal) using WCD, be sure you're using Advanced 
Search. Enter the journal title  into the Title box in AdvancedSearch and search.

To find a single journal in the A-Z list, go to the Journals A-Z list (the link is on the Library Links drop down menu on all WCD pages.) Enter the journal title, and search.