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Music Therapy: Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Sources

Pavlicevic, M., Ansdell, G., Procter, S., & Hickey, S. (2009). Presenting the Evidence: The up-to-date guide for music therapists responding to the demands of clinical effectiveness and evidence-based practice. 

Evidence-Based Reports  Initiative launched by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to promote evidence-based practice in everyday care through establishment of the Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) Program. These EPCs develop evidence reports and technology assessments on topics relevant to clinical and other health care organization and delivery issues, specifically targeted toward those that are common, expensive, and/or significant for the Medicare and Medicaid populations.

Levels of Evidence (Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine)  Detailed table of the levels of evidence for different types of studies.

Study Designs (Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine) Brief guide to the different study types and a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of study.

TRIP database is a clinical search engine that provides research evidence to support clinicians' practice and/or care.

Permission to use links and comments kindly provided by creator, Ingrid Hendrix, Health Sciences Librarian, University of New Mexico.

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