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Off-Campus and Distance Education Support: Digital Collections

Digital Collections

The University Libraries subscribe to over 110 databases, 85, 000 e-books and more than 75, 000 e-journals, plus 80, 000 CD equivalents of streaming music.  Each of these resources is accessible over the Internet from our Databases and Electronic Resources page, our Journals and More A-Z and several other tools. Off-campus users connect to databases and electronic journals after logging into the library’s proxy server. Your SU network account and password will be used to log in. If you do not know your network account username and password, please contact Rosemary Green.  Some of our online resources require a separate username and password. Passwords can be obtained from the Library Passwords link, found under Tech Support in Blackboard.


Our proxy server does not require you to configure your Internet browser for remote access. Most current browsers should work, including Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. In all cases, cookies must be enabled. Usually, the default setting on your browser will be cookies enabled. Some corporate or institutional connections may automatically configure browsers so their own proxy server is used. It is possible that these automatic settings, if they exist, could interfere with your use of Shenandoah’s proxy server. If these other networks have a firewall or preset Internet security settings they could interfere with the proxy server. You will need to talk to your network administrator at your place of business or school.

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